Give Us 10 Swings To Gain 20 - 30 Yards PLUS 2x - 3x Accuracy  

It's That Easy - Guaranteed! 

Play Your Best Golf EVER It's WAAAY More Fun!

Ultimate Swing Teacher

How Does it Work?

It physically guides you through each swing - perfectly - so you experience what a powerful, accurate swing actually FEELS like shot after shot. 

Why Does it Work?

It imposes the consistency it takes to lock your powerful new swing into muscle memory.  If you get off track you'll feel it & know how to fix it.

Best Value in Golf! 

The special package we've put together virtually guarantees you'll get results - for less than the cost of a single lesson from a top teacher!




The Swing Jacket is the only training technology that physically guides you through a connected, on-plane swing as you hit full shots with any club in your bag. No more 'trying' to fix your swing or 'working' on your game. The Swing Jacket does all the thinking, all the work for you.

Using the Swing Jacket you'll experience the FEEL of a high performance swing and repeat that swing with the consistency it takes to lock it into muscle memory in a fraction of the time. 

The 'Process' is now quick, easy, automatic:

FEEL "IT" - without thinking about your mechanics

REPEAT "IT" - with Tour-level consistency

OWN "IT" - Playing Your best is WAAAYYY more fun!


The "PROCESS" as Tiger likes to call it is a 4 step exercise:

1. Figure out how you need to change your swing

2. Try to FEEL how the 'new' swing is supposed to feel  

3. Repeat the 'new' swing consistently enough to lock it into muscle memory

4. Practice the new swing 'perfectly'  

The Swing Jacket reduces the 'process' to a single step. It's really difficult to mess this up.  You'll feel what a connected, on-plane swing FEELS like - candidly whether you like it or not.  Then you're going to repeat that swing so consistency that you'll build muscle memory in no time. 

FEEL "IT" - without thinking about your mechanics

REPEAT "IT" - with Tour-level consistency

OWN "IT" - Playing Your best is WAAAYYY more fun!

”When you’re in the Swing Jacket you know your mechanics are proper.  That’s why I use it once or twice a week...”
- Tom Pernice, PGA Tour Player

Discover a Powerful Way to Improve Your Game in Minutes Guaranteed!

This could be the most valuable book you’ll ever read.

This will be the most valuable golf tool you'll ever use.

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