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What If You Could Buy A Great Golf Swing?

Latest Golf Technology Automatically Trains Your Body

You Just Swing And It Guides You Through Each Swing − Perfectly

Picture yourself hitting a few balls to warm up before your next round. You take a couple of practice swings to limber up and then you begin to stripe a series of middle-of-the-club face rockets. Your swing feels effortless yet you’re absolutely crushing everything. You’re relaxed. Your mind is free of swing thoughts as you nail shot after shot straight over your target.

Filled with confidence you approach the first tee. A week ago you would have been content to play your ‘usual’ game. Now? You’ve raised the bar without having to work at it. You’re excited about playing again. And why not? You’re playing some of the best golf of your life. You might even have a chance to beat your career best score.
Swing Jacket users experience that joy every time they play. And now it’s your turn.

Finally! A Fast, Easy Way To Groove A Great Swing

Have you ever felt like the fellow in this image? Your mind filled with swing thoughts as you tried to think your way to a better swing. When you get right down to it what you’re really trying to achieve is to FEEL the correct motion and repeat it consistently enough to lock it into muscle memory. Right?

And that’s exactly what the Swing Jacket does for you. It’s the only technology that physically guides you through a connected, on-plane swing – perfectly. With the Swing Jacket you FEEL the positions and sequences of a powerful, accurate, easy-to-repeat swing with every swing you take. And because each swing is so consistent your body memorizes that swing in no time.

No more thinking about swing mechanics, no more ‘trying’ to improve. Now its automatic and it’s brain dead simple.

Imagine how quickly your game will improve when every swing you take mirrors the swings of the best players in the world. Now YOU are that person on the practice tee launching perfect shot after perfect shot. Now YOU are the player on the first tee filled with confidence and excited about your game.

A New Learning Paradigm Makes Grooving A Great Swing Easy

Learning is now a feeling rather than a thought process

You KNOW you’re capable of hitting the ball so much better because, well, you’ve hit those perfect, sweet-spot shots. The feeling is intoxicating.

(learn more about the One Plane Swing – Click Here)
Have you silently wished you could consistently repeat that swing?

Working with the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory we studied the golf swings of the best ball strikers. We discovered they all share two core fundamentals. Fundamentals that are critical to your success as well. We then applied cutting edge bio-mechanics and physiology to engineer a technology that automatically trains your body to memorize a swing based on those fundamentals.(Learn how the Swing Jacket will eliminate swing flaws Click Here)

It took us 2.5 years of intensive R&D and almost $1 Million to bring the Swing Jacket to market and, as you’re about to discover, we’ve created a revolutionary technology.

Does it Work?

We thought you might find it helpful to hear what the experts are saying about the Swing Jacket.

The Toughest Equipment Critics At Top Magazines Test The Swing Jacket

A Key Move Amongst Most Good Ball Strikers

The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst most good ball strikers.

One of the best” Four Star Rating

“A leading cause of power loss during the swing is “disconnection”-the arms moving out of sync with the body. Many training aids try to teach “connection” and one of the best is the Swing Jacket. . . the only swing you can take is a full body turn with the rails forcing the arms into their proper movement. It is particularly good for golfers who come over-the-top because it won’t let you disconnect.”

“It was an AH HA moment for me” Golf Tips Review – Full Review

“Golfers rarely experience the elusive feel of a fluid swing, let alone implant it in their muscle memory. . . As I stood on the range hitting balls with the Swing Jacket it occurred to me that all I every really wanted was to feel the correct motion. Free of swing thoughts . . . It was literally teaching my body what a fundamentally correct swing should feel like while I was hitting balls.”

“After 10 swings I was hooked” NE Golfer – Full Review

“Golfers rarely experience the elusive feel of a fluid swing, let alone implant it in their muscle memory. . . As I stood on the range hitting balls with the Swing Jacket it occurred to me that all I every really wanted was to feel the correct motion. Free of swing thoughts . . . It was literally teaching my body what a fundamentally correct swing should feel like while I was hitting balls.”

“It was almost too good to be true” Independent Golf Full Review

“How in the world can this thing possibly work? Let me just say it now, this ranks up there with one of the weirdest and more awkward looking training aids on the market. After just a few swings it really is amazing. Not only is it simple to use, it actually works . . . It immediately fixed my swing”

Top Ranked Golf Instructors Rave About the Swing Jacket


“The ultimate instruction tool”

“it wasn’t until I was introduced to the Swing Jacket that I felt I had the ultimate instruction tool. All of a sudden anyone can feel the essential connection of the arms to the body turn. This is a major major thing… the feeling that Swing Jacket gives to golfers of all abilities is something that you can’t otherwise teach.”

Jim Hardy Top 10 Golf Instructor, Author of The Plane Truth For Golfers


“Allows the student to feel the correct motion”

“I’ve been a PGA Teaching Professional for over thirty years and have taught over 100,000 students around the world from all walks of life. Normally, I tell my students that feel ain’t real since what they feel they are doing and what they really are doing aren’t the same, as evidenced by the videos of them that I take and show them. Golf isn’t all that natural a game; if it were, the best golfers in the world would be the decathlon performers since they are the best athletes in the world, it is more of a learned, acquired skill! You folks have created the best learning device that I have ever encountered since it does allow the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback…in this case, feel is real! Keep up the good work!!!”

Dan Pasquariello Associate Director, Pebble Beach Golf Academy


“Great resource to simplify things”

“As an instructor for over 30 years I’m always trying to accelerate the pace of learning for my students. People are looking for instant gratification and the Swing Jacket is a great resource to communicate the correct feel. It takes away a lot of hitting balls…

Donald Crawley Top 100 Golf Magazine Instructors, Boulders Golf Resort, Cave Creeek, AZ


“Keeps you on the correct path”

“Changing any motor skill, like the golf swing, is very difficult. With the Swing Jacket golfers do not have to think about mechanics… they just have to swing and the Swing Jacket will keep them on the correct path.”

Bob McArthur Canadian PGA Teacher of The Year, Heritage Pointe Golf Club