Watch The Swing Jacket Deliver Results In Real Time

The Swing Jacket is so effective we’re the only golf equipment company that shows you the before, during & after shots as golfers try the Swing Jacket for the first time. The results you see here are typical but please understand that your results will be unique to you. Imagine how you’d feel if you get results like this your first your time out.

What Do Tour Pros Think?

Tom Pernice Jr. has been training with the Swing Jacket since 2001 when he began to work with renowned Master PGA Instructor, Jim Hardy. As Tom says, “with the Swing Jacket you know you’re working on the right things.”

Persistent Slice – Chicken Wing

Al’s weak slice had plagued him for decades. He’d tried everything to fix it.  After a few practice swings he hit 10 shots while using the Swing Jacket. He not only fixed his slice, he added 30-50 yards to every drive.

Blocks or Snap Hooks – Outside-In

“Every teacher told me something different. I had so much on my mind I never seemed to improve. When I tried the Swing Jacket I could feel what I’m supposed to do. My body  memorized the swing after only a few shots.”

Uncontrollable Push Slice

Like a lot of senior golfers, Don still had the strength and flexibility but had been losing distance for years.  We used a TourStop on his Swing Jacket to teach him better rotation. He hit the longest drive of his life after only 10 minutes with the Swing Jacket.

Inside-Out Over-the-top Slicer

Brydon left his driver at home because he couldn’t control it. We loaned him ours.  The Swing Jacket with TourStop technology tightened up his backswing AND taught him to release the club properly. After a few swings the driver was his new favorite club.

Inside-Out Poor Release

Ian M. had no idea what he was doing right or wrong.  Like a lot of golfers his disconnected swing led to inconsistency and frustration. A TourStop on the through swing taught him to stay connected and release the club. He was shocked at how easy it was to fix his game.