A Short Cut To Train Your Body To Swing Perfectly?

Have you experienced the frustration of trying to lock a swing change into muscle memory? You work on one thing and something else gets out of whack. So your focus switches from one swing thought to another meaning progress is slow at best. It discourages many golfers from even trying to improve their swing.
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a short cut to training your body to memorize your best swing? A swing you’d be proud to take to any course. A swing you could count on to deliver even in the most pressure filled circumstances.

Can Muscle Memory Improve Your Swing In Minutes?

The world renowned Human Performance Laboratory has spent decades studying athletic performance and the secrets of training athletes to lock the correct motion into muscle memory − so they perform at their best when it counts. They found that under optimal training conditions athletes will develop muscle memory in a fraction of the time, allowing them to improve their performance quickly and easily.

As you already know, the golf swing is so complex you can’t think your way through each swing. So golfers must rely on their muscle memory out on the course. The biggest challenge is memorizing the right swing, rather than repeating the same old mistakes and bad habits so they become ingrained in your muscle memory.

Engineered to Get The Most Out of Your Game

The Swing Jacket was engineered to achieve two objectives:

  1. Guide the user through a connected, on-plane swing so everyone can FEEL the positions and sequences of the optimal bio-mechanical motion;
  2. Create the optimal learning conditions the Human Performance Laboratory identified for rapid muscle memory training.

So now, instead of wasting time and money ‘trying’ to improve your swing, the Swing Jacket let’s you experience the perfect swing, shot after shot, and quickly lock that swing into muscle memory so you perform on the course.

What are those optimal conditions?

1. Practice your optimal swing.

The old expression “practice makes perfect” only applies if you’re repeating a perfect swing. Do you sometimes feel practicing ‘your’ swing is not really making you a better player?

The Swing Jacket guides you through a simple, connected, on-plane swing. A swing that embodies the core fundamentals common to the world’s best ball strikers.  A swing that will allow you to add the distance and accuracy you know you're capable of.

2. Practice perfect - consistently.

Muscle memory develops through repetition.  The more consistent the reps the deeper and faster you build muscle memory.  The problem with traditional learning methods is that each rep is a new adventure as you grind through swing thoughts trying to find something that works.  Consistency is lost.  

The Swing Jacket guides you through each swing with the consistency a Tour pro would envy. Muscle memory develops in a fraction of the time you expect it will take.  

3. Focus on feel.

Human Performance Laboratory studies found that when athletes focus on mechanics muscle memory is painfully slow to develop. You simply can't focus on feel when your mind is processing a million swing thoughts.

The Swing Jacket does all the thinking for you. You quickly learn to trust that this is the swing you want to memorize.  Now that you're focused on the FEEL of your swing, confident you’re doing it right, your body will memorize the motion shockingly fast.

4. Practice in game-like conditions

To build the muscle memory you can rely on when the pressure's on out on the course you need to perform in game-like conditions — hitting full shots – with every club in your bag – focused on a target - aware of your performance.

The Swing Jacket allows you to enjoy the full sensory experience of hitting it long and straight, shot after shot.  Confidence grows as the muscle memory deepens.

This is how you build a better game quickly - easily - automatically

Wondering If It Works?

Jason’s game was stuck. Each of the highly rated pros he’d taken lessons from told him something completely different. In spite of many hours on the range he was frustrated by the lack of meaningful progress. Too many confusing and often contradictory swing thoughts spoiled the fun.

Five minutes with the Swing Jacket cleared up the confusion and got his swing on track.  Now that he could FEEL the correct motion and repeat it consistently his body responded.  After hitting only ten shots with the Swing Jacket his body had already begun to memorize his powerful, accurate new on-plane swing.

And that was just the beginning. Within weeks his scores dropped from the high 60’s to the low 80’s and his last round was a 79

Now It’s Your Turn

Your time and money are too precious to waste ‘trying’ to improve. The challenge with improving your swing through trial and error is that even if you improve your results it’s very difficult to repeat the new, improved motion consistently enough to lock it into muscle memory.

If what you’ve done in the past has failed to deliver the results you’re REALLY looking for here’s an opportunity to try a completely different approach — a short cut that simplifies everything for you.