"The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst good ball strikers"

- Golf Digest Magazine

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People who are motivated, driven, have the entrepreneurial mindset about improving their game are alway looking for a way to improve their game...

The secret is to use the Swing Jacket instead of hours of pro lessons or the latest equipment.

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In a nutshell, the Swing Jacket will help you...

  • Hit the Ball Straighter
  • Hit the Ball farther
  • Lower Your Handicap

Over one hundred thousand golfers use the Swing Jacket to radically transform their games.

In fact, a whole a generation of top-ranking pros and amateurs swear by it.

And you can discover how to use this one-of-a-kind golf tool to rapidly your game.

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Now in case you’re wondering…

Will this work for me?... And… Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

The short answer is… YES.

You can use the Swing Jacket to get massive improvement no matter how long you have been playing.

There is one caveat though…

You need to wear it. That should go without saying.

So many of us invest in a tool and never user it to its full potential.  We put it under the bead, or in a box in the closet and forget about it.

Take Dan Pasquariello.  Dan is the Associate Director, Pebble Beach Golf Academy

After helping golfers for years, and striving to improve his own game, he stumbled across the Swing Jacket.

Now he swears by it for himself and his students...

Dan Pasquariello

"Allows the student to feel the correct motion"

I’ve been a PGA Teaching Professional for over thirty years and have taught over 100,000 students around the world from all walks of life. Normally, I tell my students that feel ain’t real since what they feel they are doing and what they really are doing aren’t the same, as evidenced by the videos of them that I take and show them. Golf isn’t all that natural a game; if it were, the best golfers in the world would be the decathlon performers since they are the best athletes in the world, it is more of a learned, acquired skill! You folks have created the best learning device that I have ever encountered since it does allow the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback…in this case, feel is real! Keep up the good work!!!

And here’s how some other Pros have transformed their swing using the Swing Jacket...

"Keeps you on the correct path"

Changing any motor skill, like the golf swing, is very difficult. With the Swing Jacket golfers do not have to think about mechanics . . . they just have to swing and the Swing Jacket will keep them on the correct path.

Bob McArthur

Canadian PGA Teacher of The Year at the Heritage Pointe Golf Club.

”Faster results than any other teaching aid”

I just wanted you to know that I have started using your product as a teaching aid about 3 weeks ago and my students have been getting results faster than any other teaching aid I have ever used. I thought this might be something you would like to hear.

Bob Gruber

Head Golf Professional, Riomar Country Club, Vero Beach, FL

These are just a few examples of many.

Over the years we’ve helped hundres of thousands of golfers from all over the word with the Swing Jacket.

Some started getting incredible results wearing it part-time.

Others have been able to improve their game 100 fold, going from novice to pro level playing.

Here are more incredible stories from our students who used the Swing Jacket to improve their games

Lee Steffeney
Amateur Golfer

It has change my swing and game dramatically

I Would like to shake the hand of the man that invented this. It has change my swing and game dramatically. I don’t have to think about my swing anymore when addressing the ball, Just swing… is all I do!

I also would like to know what I would do in case of repairs are needed to the jacket at some point in time. For instance if the rails or rail straps should ever wear out or need repair. Please advise.

Once again, please thank the man that invented this. It works. No need any more for confusing lessons from instructors telling you to do this and that. The swing jacket will not tolerate or allow a bad swing!"

John Smithers
Amateur Golfer, Cincinatti, OH

This is the best training aid I’ve used and I’ve tried them all.

"I wrote this e-mail for all those people who are, like I was, wondering if the Swing Jacket is for real. Well it’s the real McCoy alright. I am almost 2 clubs longer, probably 30+ longer off the tee but for me the best part is my consistency."

Ian Knight
Amateur Golfer

My swing has improved out, of, site

"Hi Bill, Thank you thank you. WOW. What a fantastic piece of kit. Just to give you some back ground. I’m 68 years young and I play off a daily h’cap of 15. My swing has improved out, of, site. I can’t explain how that feels but I can say I’m smiling from the inside.

In fact I have lost a shot off my handicap all ready, and looking forward to dropping even more shots.

All this improvement is due to your swing jacket. Thanks again from one very happy golfer."

Demetrius Augmon
Amateur Golfer,
San Jose, CA

I’ve already taken 8 strokes off my score and my slice is gone!

"I was at the golf range and I was slicing the ball all over the place… I put on the Swing Jacket and whacked the ball about 170 yards down the middle with my 6 iron. This product actually works like it was advertised to do.”

Jim C.
Amateur Golfer, Cary, NC

I practiced in my living room 30 minutes/day for 2 days . . . then dropped 21 shots off my score.

“Most people wouldn’t get too excited about shooting a 99, but to go from 120 to 99 on the same course with absolutely no practice other than swinging in my living room for 2 days was hard to believe. Thanks for giving me a swing aid that really, honestly works.”

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Bill Walsh Creator of The Swing Jacket

Here’s what some of the top golfing publications say about the Swing Jacket...

New England Golf Monthly

I was skeptical at first

“The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst most good ball strike”After ten swings or so I was hooked. With all honesty I was somewhat skeptical about the aid and I thought it would be cumbersome and swing restrictive. My recommendation is that the Swing Jacket is for everyone and anyone. No one has the perfect swing but the Swing Jacket does. In the case of this training aid feel is most definitely real."

Independant Golf Reviews

How in the world can this thing possibly work?

“After just a few swings it really is amazing. Let me just say it now, this ranks up there with one of the weirdest and more awkward looking training aids on the market. Not only is it fairly simple to use, it actually works at fixing your swing…. In the past I’ve generally just worked through the kinks and ironed things out on my own, but since the Swing Jacket arrived right around the time my season was starting, I decided to give it a try. It almost immediately fixed my swing and got things back in order.”

Golf Magazine

Five Star Rating

“It locks your arms in with your body so you’re forced to release the club with your body rather than with your hands and arms. It’s taught me how to take the club back straighter, and how to swing the club down properly from the top with my body. If you swing down with the hands and the arms, you’ll either shank the ball or top it. I’m definitely swinging on a better plane now. My clubface is staying square longer so I’m hitting the ball much straighter.”

Golf Tips

It was an AH HA moment for me

“Golfers rarely experience the elusive feel of a fluid swing, let alone implant it in their muscle memory. At a recent media event, I tried an innovative product called the Swing Jacket. I was very impressed because it’s the only product I’ve ever tried that physically guided me through a connected, on-plane swing, much like those you see on Tour. It was literally teaching my body what a fundamentally correct swing should feel like while I was hitting balls.”

Texas Golfer

Within minutes Keegan added 30+ yards to his driver’s

“I watched as Savannah added 15 to 20 yards to her 5 iron within about 10 swings,” said Bisbee. Savannah felt like she had so much more control over her swing. She is now the #1 player on the school’s golf team – what had been the BOYS’ golf team and is the only player, boy or girl, from her entire district to qualify to play in the State Championships.”

Capital Golf Weekly (ABC Affiliate in Washington, DC)

Few training aids worth time or money. Swing Jacket is different”s

“What’s hot in golf today? The answer today is a training aid. A category we usually don’t spotlight here because there are so many but so few that are actually worth your time and money, but I think the Swing Jacket is different, . . . In our testing the product actually works as promised. In our experience the muscle memory was there when we took the jacket off.